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Бизнес Zenoss в 2009 г. вырос на 150%

Бизнес Zenoss в 2009 г. вырос на 150%

Мировой бизнес Zenoss одного из вендоров VDEL в 2009 г. рос невиданными на фоне продолжающегося кризиса темпами:

Zenoss, Inc., a leading commercial open source provider of Unlegacy enterprise IT management products, today announced the company achieved strong revenue, customer, and technology innovation growth in 2009. Fueled by growing demand by brand name enterprises seeking an alternative to legacy enterprise IT management tools to maximize their investments in virtualized and cloud infrastructures, Zenoss had revenue growth of 150% in 2009 with Zenoss Enterprise customers now approaching 300 and over one million downloads of the company’s Zenoss Core open source project to date.

Одним из клиентов Zenoss является VMware, а решение для мониторинга виртуальных сред от Zenoss является одним из наиболее оптимальных с точки зрения возможностей и цены:

Among the new Zenoss Enterprise customers in 2009 were Hosting.com, Agilent Technologies, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, and Real Networks while leading organizations such as VMware, Carlson, Deutsche Bank, Rackspace Hosting, iStock International, and Motorola renewed their agreements with Zenoss.

In 2009, Zenoss established itself as the leading provider of commercial open source monitoring for virtual environments, public and private clouds with the addition of VMware monitoring capabilities and support for Amazon Web Services instances (EC2). The 75,000-member strong Zenoss community also contributed over 75 ZenPacks, or community-developed plug-ins, bringing the total to more than 150.

Также развивается сотрудничество с Red Hat и другими поставщиками Открытого ПО, в т.ч. представленных в портфеле VDEL:

Zenoss partnered with Red Hat to become a founding member of the Open Source Channel Alliance in 2009, along with industry leaders such as Alfresco, Enterprise DB, Ingres, Jaspersoft, Likewise, Pentaho and Zmand

Источник: http://www.zenoss.com/about/news/Virtualization_Management_Vendor_Zenoss_Grows_150_in_2009_Despite_Global_Downturn.html

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