Доход – тщеславия, маржа – здравомыслие, наличность – реальность: строим устойчивое сервисное предприятие (исследование Aberdeen Group)

Известная в оригинале как revenue is vanity, margin is sanity, cash is reality и любимая финансовыми директорами фраза обыгрывается авторами исследования Aberdeen Group в исследовании: The Chief Service Officer’s Guide to Service Revenue: Building a Sustainable Service Enterprise. Отчет находится в свободном доступе (требуется регистрация на сайте) до 2/04/10 и будет полезен всем кто думает о развитии сервисной модели своего бизнеса.


Executive Summary

A wise person who chose to stay anonymous once said, “Revenue is vanity, margin is sanity, cash is reality. There are many iterations of that postulation, but it is often referred to in books and journals to highlight where the true focus of business should be. There is no argument about the importance of cash and margins to the overall sustainability of any business, not just one that services and maintains assets or products. However, more organizations, specifically those in the service sector, are beginning to look at top line revenue to help them stabilize and improve overall margins. This was confirmed at Aberdeen’s 2009 Chief Service Officer Summit where revenue was stated to be the top goal for 2010.

Best-in-Class Performance

In November 2009, Aberdeen Group surveyed over 260 service organizations to distinguish Best-in-Class companies from Industry Average and Laggards. Those defined as Best-in-Class averaged the following:

• 90% level of customer retention (between 2008 and 2009)
• 85% contract renewal rate
• 15% increase in total service revenue over the last 12 months
• 10% increase in service revenue from the existing customer base over the last 12 months

Competitive Maturity Assessment

Survey results show that the firms enjoying Best-in-Class performance are:

• 38% more likely than Laggards to have a dedicated marketing budget for service activities
• 41 % more likely than all other companies (Industry Average and Laggards combined) to have a well documented and formalized policy on pricing and discounting
• 62% more likely than all others to have real-time access to service history and performance information
• Twice as likely as Laggards to raise visibility into contract-related performance with the aid of contract management solutions

Required Actions

To achieve Best-in-Class performance, companies must:

• Increase visibility and insight into customer service history
• Increase sales and marketing support of service offerings
• Empower front-line agents to identify and capitalize on service revenue opportunities
• Increase overall contract coverage

Полный отчет The Chief Service Officer’s Guide to Service Revenue: Building a Sustainable Service Enterprise доступен на сайте Aberdeen Group.

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