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Продажи Red Hat в 3 квартале выросли на 18%

Продажи Red Hat в 3 квартале выросли на 18%

Red Hat объявила результаты своей работы в 3 квартале (закончился 31.11.2009). Продажи выросли на 18% по сравнению с аналогичным периодом прошлого года.

Расшифровка конференции с финансовыми аналитиками представлена здесь: http://seekingalpha.com/article/179487-red-hat-f3q10-qtr-end-11-30-09-earnings-call-transcript. Несколько интересных моментов (на мой взгляд расшифровку делали на слух, поэтому заметны логические несостыковки):

… 1 November, we launched our Red Hat enterprise virtualization management solution or RHEV as part of our virtualization portfolio solution. RHEV delivers expanded virtualization management capabilities on top of the Red Hat hypervisor built into Red Hat Enterprise Linux. As an alternative to expensive proprietary solutions in the marketplace, RHEV is designed to be a cost effective solution that also addresses customers’ performance, security and scalability concern.

We have several wins, which include a large private cloud implementation project with a major movie studio. As six for year deal was in application vendor, who joined our on-ramp of cloud ISV program, but we are enabling this vendor to provide fast business model on the Amazon EC2 public files using RHEV

Lastly, NTT in Japan announced the data of its public crowd offering with RHEV as the virtualization substrate and RHEV has the management tool. In addition to our growing moment in virtualization in cloud computing, open stores Linux and Red Hat continue to gain mind share and recognition around the globe from industry analysis and customers.

The DoD recognizes the importance of speed and legibility and they see the benefits of open stores that means to achieve these goals and their infrastructure. The DoD memo is a strong endorsement from one of our top vertical and preceded the White House announcement that it is now running www.whitehouse.gov on the NASDAQ with RHEL has the operating system.

Our middleware solutions continue to gain recognition this quarter with several announcements from key industrial analysts. Specifically, Gartner again position JBoss Enterprise Middleware as a leader in their Magic Quadrant for enterprise application service.

Our top 30 deals in the quarter included 14 deals over $1million. One, deal over $5 million and two sizable free-to-paid deals, within these top deals we saw continued growth customer deployment and traction for RHEL Advanced Platform and JBoss at 23 deals include RHEL and eight deals include the JBoss components and one deal is primarily virtualization product.

One of the top deals with large financial services from the renewed and significantly expensed infrastructure as it migrates to [from] Microsoft Windows to Red Hat Enterprise Linux, coupled with a migration to JBoss for another java based platform. This migration path as resulted in saving of a $0.5 million to-date and they expect to serve us a $1 million a year end hardware and support cost by moving from a Windows based environment to a virtualizes Red Hat Enterprise Linux Environment.

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