Решения Trend Micro
Как вредоносные программы могут украсть ваши данные

Как вредоносные программы могут украсть ваши данные

Подробное описание видов вредоносного ПО, основных способов хищения персональных и корпоративных данных и методов борьбы с ними с позиции Trend Micro приводятся в отчете “Data-stealing Malware on the Rise—Solutions to Keep Businesses and Consumers Safe


  • Introduction
  • Executive Summary
    • Data-stealing Malware—An Overview
    • A Growing Problem
    • Data Breaches and Leakages
    • Dire Consequences
    • Attacks from the Inside
    • Cyber Terrorism
    • Cyber Espionage
  • Fighting Back Against Cybercrime
    • Fragmented Law Enforcement
    • Task Forces
    • PCI Standards and Limitations
    • Technology Solutions
  • Best Practices
    • Best Practices for Consumers
    • Best Practices for Businesses
  • Conclusion
  • About Trend Micro

По итогам первого квартала 2009 года Троянские программы доминируют с большим отрывом от всех остальных видов вредоносного ПО.

Trojan attacks pose a serious threat to computer security as they typically arrive disguised as something benign such as a screen saver, game, or joke. Today’s Trojan is extremely sophisticated and can be configured to send itself to everybody in an email address book, for example, or through an open IRC channel. Once a Trojan establishes a channel with a malicious remote server, it uses a wide variety of techniques to steal information. Some Trojans allow hackers to exert “remote control” over a computer by assimilating it into a botnet. Others install keyloggers that log a user’s every keystroke to gather data or they insert screen scrapers that record images or screen shots showing passwords or account information. In this way, Trojans can surreptitiously gather all the personal or sensitive information stored on a hard drive unless information is securely encrypted. Social Security numbers, credit card, and bank account numbers and administrative and gaming passwords are then up for grabs.

Trojans are the fastest growing category of malware, according to data from TrendLabs (see Figure 1). Trojans and Trojan spyware are also the predominant type of data-stealing malware in all countries monitored by TrendLabs, including Australia, Asia, Africa, South America, North America, and Europe …

В отчете описаны технологические решения для борьбы с вредоносным ПО, в частности технология Trend Micro Smart Protection Network. Для защиты серверов и приложений я бы также рекомендовал обратить внимание на продукт Trend Micro Deep Security, который в частности помогает обеспечить соответствие требованиям PCI DSS при работе с данными о пластиковых картах.

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