Решения VMware
Следующим ключевым отличием VMware от конкурентов будет безопасность

Следующим ключевым отличием VMware от конкурентов будет безопасность

Интересное мнение насчет инноваций и технологического отрыва VMware от конкурентов:

While the press and blogs are buzzing about cloud computing, VMware has made probably one of the most significant cloud-related announcements ever made; and with : vShield Zones has added even more distance between rivals when it comes to data center and cloud security…


While Microsoft and Citrix make price adjustments VMware launches genuine innovation that could significantly change the economics of IT in production environments. Security is a critical differentiator when it comes to deploying virtualization in production data centers and creating cloud environments…


If the Blue Lane acquisition didn’t send a chill down the spine of the network security industry, this announcement should. It signals a new era in security introduced, ironically, by a virtualization vendor.

А вы что думаете?

Virtualization Security: VMware Crosses the Rubicon | Cloud Computing Journal

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