Решения VMware в медицинских учреждениях США

Последние примеры использования технологий VMware медицинскими учреждениями США:

The Interior Health Authority (IHA) of British Columbia provides healthcare services to more than 750,000 people through a network of 183 hospitals and offices across the southeastern portion of the province. With the volume of electronic data growing by orders of magnitude in recent years, IHA found itself adding as many as 10 hardware servers each week to keep pace with business demands. IHA virtualized its application environment, which is 95 percent Windows-based, on the VMware platform to help the agency gain control over its IT environment by reversing the server sprawl and providing a more efficient way to manage critical applications and data stores.

We were on an unsustainable trajectory and VMware has enabled us to reign in our infrastructure,” said Kris Jmaeff, information system security specialist, Interior Health Authority. “We can now manage our entire environment centrally, and we are using far less hardware, which means fewer potential headaches and much lower costs. We’ve already avoided buying over 200 physical machines. More importantly, VMware is helping us fulfill our agency’s mission; we have greater control and predictability over application performance and availability, which helps doctors and nurses improve patient care.

VMware has built its lead by offering a simple-to-use, complete virtualization solution rather than a standalone hypervisor. That’s a major reason why Rochester General Hospital, a community-based teaching hospital that includes a premier heart institute and cancer center and offering innovative surgical procedures and care to the region and beyond, standardized on VMware’s platform. The hospital’s IT infrastructure encompasses many business applications and patient-critical systems. Rochester General needed a solution that would not only help control server sprawl, but also support applications that require extreme resiliency and availability as well as superior performance and disaster recovery.

We see virtualization as a strategic approach, not simply a consolidation tactic,” said Tom Gibaud, IT manager at Rochester General Hospital. “Only VMware could offer us a comprehensive solution. The administrative control, overall manageability and the breadth of VMware’s feature set make it ideal for us. It addressed all of our requirements and the result is an IT infrastructure that helps improve patient care and streamline business operations.

Interfaith Medical Center, one of New York City’s medical facilities. Interfaith began investigating virtualization when its server hardware requirements reached unsustainable levels. The hospital faced power, space and budget constraints. After considering offerings from VMware, Microsoft and Citrix, Interfaith selected VMware Infrastructure. The hospital is now running nearly all of its critical Windows-based applications in a virtualized environment, including its core Meditech health information system that is the foundation for patient care and billing, BlackBerry Enterprise Server, Microsoft SharePoint, Kronos software for timekeeping and scheduling, and Lawson software for finance and accounting.

VMware’s platform gives us exactly what we need – a stable, mature solution stress-tested across many deployments,” said Meraz Nasir, manager of infrastructure at Interfaith Medical Center. “We haven’t had any planned or unplanned downtime since moving to VMware. Performance is never an issue. Disaster recovery is even within our reach now that we don’t need to deploy massive amounts of hardware. All these factors help us focus more attention on our patients and less attention on technical issues. When we got serious about virtualization, our choice was very simple. It was VMware all the way.

VMware Builds Virtualization Momentum

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