HP и VMware: более 40 опубликованных примеров совместных внедрений решений по виртуализации

Примеры совместных внедрений HP и VMware, опубликованные на сайте Hewlett-Packard, во многих случаях отличаются большим вниманием, в частности, к расчету показателя окупаемости проектов (ROI). Например, University of Utah Health Science Center – An ROI Case Study

346% ROI за 3 года и 146% IRR


Более 40 примеров внедрения виртуализации VMware на сайте HP Внедрение VMware в HP

Среди них такие как:

VMware makes global IT consolidation a reality

"From an HP standpoint we’ve demonstrated a substantial enterprise environment that’s involved with VMware, which supports a solid production environment."

— Paul Bennett, HP-IT Server & Storage, Windows Service Engineering Project Manager, Hewlett-Packard

To date, HP has done what many other companies have done—as server infrastructures grow, the common strategy has been to add another server or piece of hardware to the system. And, each new application server, mail server and firewall in that environment calls for another piece of hardware, or several, depending on power and failover requirements. The new hardware then needs to be configured and integrated into the IT environment. This “server sprawl” situation can be costly, both in terms of underutilized hardware and  augmented management requirements.


  • Consolidate, streamline and standardize global IT infrastructure
  • Raise service levels
  • Reduce technical-support requirements
  • Simplify server configuration and management
  • Reduce time-to-deploy physical server
  • Improve server performance and utilization
  • Reduce IT costs



  • 70 HP ProLiant DL760 G2 servers(eight processors)
  • Transitioning to HP ProLiant DL585 and HP BladeSystem in HP’s Data Center Consolidation (DCC) program


  • VMware ESX 2.5 operating system (OS)
  • Windows OS 2003 Virtual Machines
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux OS Virtual Machines
  • VMware VirtualCenter and VMotion
  • HP Systems Insight Manager and HP ProLiant Essentials Virtual Machine Management Pack and Server Migration Pack for migrations into the VMware environments
  • Planning for HP ProLiant Essentials Rapid Deployment Pack and HP Systems Insight Manager for HP BladeSystem

HP Services:

  • HP Consulting & Integration services
  • IT Infrastructure for implementation and ongoing project management



  • Reduced costs through fewer required servers, less demands for data center space, and less power and cooling
  • Improved management


  • Increased utilization of physical servers
  • Reduced complexity of moving VMs from one system to another using zero-downtime VMotion technology
  • Reduced time-to-deploy VMs vs. a physical server


  • Breadth of support with HP systems and storage
  • Simplified management with existing OpenView and other management software
  • Increased service levels globally
  • Reduced application downtime via VMotion and SANs
  • Consolidating a standards-based global IT infrastructure

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