Dell и VMware: 177 совместных примеров внедрения технологии виртуализации

Если задасться целью посчитать количество примеров совместных внедрений Dell и VMware, то можно спросить, например, у Google (или у самой Dell J). По состоянию на сегодня поисковый запрос вернет 177 (СТО СЕМЬДЕСЯТ СЕМЬ) результатов! Даже если некоторые из них повторяются, это все равно много J


Среди них такие как:


Customer Profile
Mazda North American Operations oversees the sales, marketing, and parts and customer service support of Mazda vehicles through nearly 900 dealers.

The Mazda North American Operations IT group wanted to reduce data center complexity and simplify operations, and provide more services to the business
without adding IT staff

Dell provided guidance and best practices to consolidate the fast growing IT infrastructure; Dell PowerEdge™ servers running VMware® ESX Server software, Dell OpenManage™ IT Assistant, and systems management software simplify the server environment and help streamline operations

• Virtualization delivers consolidation from 80 servers down to 5, a 33 percent infrastructure reduction
• Simplified server environment reduces server administration time by 38 percent, giving IT staff more time to further business objectives
• Planned use of virtualization tools within the business continuity strategy will reduce disaster recovery time from days to hours

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