VMware Shares Rise After Positive Note

Хорошие новости с Wall Street:

"Shares of VMware rose in Thursday afternoon trading after an analyst voiced confidence in the virtualization software maker’s long-term potential.

Citi Investment Research analyst Brent Thill said concerns of competition were overdone and that 2008 is looking to be a year VMware beats expectations. The first quarter, though, may likely be a "hurdle" in part due to seasonality, he said.

The Palo Alto, Calif., company will likely have a multiyear lead after Microsoft … launches its Hyper-V product, "reminding us of other markets where Microsoft’s entrance did not meet the press release anticipation," he said.

VMware Shares Rise After Positive Note –

2 thoughts on “ VMware Shares Rise After Positive Note

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      Было бы ещё интересней узнать, что говорят не только на Wall Street, a и внутри самой компании? И как реагируют не только на положительные известия, а и на статьи подобной этой: VMware has lost its luster on Wall Street?

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      Про это, к сожалению, я сказать ничего не могу. Ограничения работы в публичной компании.

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