Accenture отказывается от Lotus Notes и внедряет SharePoint Portal Server 2003 для более чем 100,000 сотрудников

Пример внедрения SharePoint более чем для 100,000 пользователей с одновременной миграцией с Notes. Когда-то они должны были появиться – большие примеры миграции с Lotus на Microsoft. Вообще их достаточно много. Проблема в том, что крупные клиенты не часто соглашаются сделать подобные факты достоянием общественности. В данном случае еще неделю назад эта информация проходила под грифом для ограниченного использования, а сегодня все желающие могут послушать веб-каст Кевина Дана, который руководил этим проектом со стороны Accenture.
Приглашение к веб-касту выглядит следующим образом:

Microsoft Live Webcast: How Accenture Implemented an Enterprise Portal Solution to More Than 100,000 Employees Using SharePoint Portal Server


Customers are asking how to scale SharePoint Products & Technologies to over 100,000 users.  Join this webcast and learn first hand from a SharePoint customer!


Join us in our ongoing “Enterprises Win with SharePoint” webcast series. This business-oriented series presents an excellent opportunity to learn about some of our largest enterprise implementations directly from customers. Accenture is a global management consulting, technology services and outsourcing company, with net revenues of US$15.55 billion for the fiscal year ended Aug. 31, 2005. Accenture migrated from a Lotus Notes platform to a Microsoft-based corporate portal, providing a central information access point for employees and enhanced tools for content providers. In this webcast of the series scheduled for May 30th , attendees will learn how Accenture scaled SharePoint Portal Server 2003 to over 100,000 employees Kevin Dana is a senior application architect within Accenture’s internal IT organization. In this webcast, Kevin will discuss how this project streamlined business processes and improved employee satisfaction.

Tuesday, May 30th at 11AM Pacific Time



Kevin Dana is a senior application architect within Accenture’s internal IT organization. Kevin was a project lead for a large-scale effort to migrate Accenture’s existing IBM Lotus Notes-based knowledge management system to Microsoft Office SharePoint Portal Server 2003. He and his team specialize in creating application architectures based on Microsoft products and technologies including Microsoft Content Management Server, SharePoint Portal Server, and Windows SharePoint Services. 


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Click here: How Accenture Implemented an Enterprise Portal Solution to More than 100,000 Employees Using SPS 2003


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