Oracle is years behind Microsoft and other companies on security

На фоне выхода SQL Server 2005 самое время вспомнить как дела у конкурентов. Например у Oracle. С безопасностью:
Некоторые цитаты:
"Oracle is years behind Microsoft and other companies on security."
— Cesar Cerrudo, CEO, Argeniss

…  the recent history of Oracle’s security updates suggest that the company does not pay attention to security throughout its development process, said Michael Gavin, a senior analyst at Forrester Research.

If Oracle wants to be taken seriously when it comes to security, it needs rigorous security processes at every stage in software development, Gavin said. He pointed to Microsoft as an example of a manufacturer that has its security ducks in a row.

"It seems that Microsoft has learned this lesson. Oracle has not," he said. "Oracle has talked the talk without walking the walk, while Microsoft has spent a fortune in time and money to improve the security of its software and has made incredible headway."

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